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Biobizz Bio·Grow 5L


What is BioĀ·GrowĀ®?

BioĀ·GrowĀ® is a liquid growth fertilizer which can be applied to most types of soil and substrate mixtures. BioĀ·GrowĀ® activates the bacterial flora in the substrate thanks to it basis of 100% Dutch organic sugar beet extract, commonly known as vinasse. Vinasse is syrup that contains sugar.
The natural sugars and potassium in BioĀ·GrowĀ® are the guarantee for an ample harvest with very sweet fruit.

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How to use BioĀ·GrowĀ® BioĀ·GrowĀ® is a complete fertilizer for the growing period. Start with BioĀ·GrowĀ® as soon as the first leaves appear and the plant has a height of 10 to 15cm. Keep using BioĀ·GrowĀ® till the end of the fruit production. Follow our grow schedule for the best results.


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