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  • HESI Starterbox Soil HESI Starterbox Soil

HESI Starterbox Soil


The Starterbox Soil contains:
1x Root-Complex 500ml
1x SuperVit 10ml
1x PowerZyme 500ml
1x TNT Complex 500ml
1x Bloom Complex 1000ml
1x Phosphorus Plus 1000ml
+ Catalogue, Growschedule and other information

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HESI Starterboxes The HESI fertilizers are free of unnecessary ballast materials and contain only high quality ingredients. For every period of life a special product has been developed to constantly fulfill the specific needs of the plant. All HESI products are sold separately, but are also handy available in the HESI Starterboxes; one box with all HESI products needed for your chosen medium to get you started...


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