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HOMEbox Vista Small


The new Small Homebox Vista Small, with a square base, offers a half-size 1.3 square feet of space in comparison to the original version of the Homebox Vista Medium. The advantage can be the smaller dimensions and especially the possibility to use the tent for cultivation of more small plants and seedlings, as well as for the cultivation of adult plants.

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Like all other German branding products, this tannery offers a completely seamless approach from the front. The front of the box enables sealing and maximum darkening. Transparent windows on the front, left and right sides allow you to check the condition of the plants without having to break the sensitive microclimate inside the tent. On the sides of the box you will also find two OmniFlow ventilation holes with a diameter of 150mm. The opening and exhaust openings are located on the ceiling (1x diameter 200mm) and at the back (2x100mm.) The Homebox floor has a removable waterproof heating protection. The stability of the entire reinforced construction with a load capacity of 100 kg is also supported by solid plastic joints. The optimum lighting strategy is provided by the reflective PAR + foil on the inside of the casing. Light leakage outside the tent avoids durable and totally non-breathable zips.

Assembled size: 65 x 65 x 120 cm
Assembled size: 26’’ x 26’’ x 47’’
Grow space: 1,3 m2
OmniFlow-Airvent: 150 mm, 2 times
Maximum capacity: 100 kg


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