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  • papillon D-Light 315 WATT CDM papillon D-Light 315 WATT CDM

papillon D-Light 315 WATT CDM


Model: (Philips CDM-TMW 315W/930)
Dimensions 36 x 30 x 16 cm
Luminous flux: lumen 36,000
Power: 315w.
Full spectrum light lamp, including UV and Farred (dark red)
Very high system efficiency of 1.70 mmol / W electronic ballast with extra long life.
Aluminium housing IP23 Reflector Papillon very high quality ultra-reflective aluminium reflector VEGA
Equipment weight: 6 KG

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500,00 €


To professional growers an extra gram per mĀ² can mean the difference making a profit, or suffering a loss. This is why using the best and most up-to-date equipment is essential. At Papillon, we have a proven track record in manufacturing high-quality CDM grow lights. We have been developing professional grow light solutions for 40 years and counting.


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