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Biobizz Bio·Bloom 5L


What is BioĀ·Bloomā„¢?

BioĀ·Bloomā„¢ is a complete liquid organic fertilizer which contains a small amount of nitrogen and enough phosphorous and potassium to ensure exuberant flowering.

Trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin are also added to improve the flowering process. BioĀ·Bloomā„¢ also contains enzymes and amino acids, which work in harmony with the soil to promote flowering and fruit production.

Therefore BioĀ·Bloomā„¢ is an independently working fertilizer to be used during the flowering period on soil, soilless media such as CocoĀ·Mixā„¢ or in soil enriched with cocout fibres.
Moreover, BioĀ·Bloomā„¢ allows strong stems and thus a strong plant!

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