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Heating Mat for Seedlings (41x27,4)


Safe heat source for the terrariums of desert and topical reptiles as well as growing young plants. Adding heat mat under your Seedlings will speed up germination and growth by days!

Most veggies will germinate also in room temperature without issue, but some added warmth will benefit the process and the seeds will sprout into sturdily seedlings in half the time it usually takes. Plants such as peppers, eggplant and tomatoes germinate better in warmer soil (21 °C). Heating Mat is very helpful to start your seeds if you have a cold location like garage or basement, in that case, it's more sensible to only heat the trays rather than the whole room.

Adjustable thermostat.
Wide strips provide a stable heat.
Do not cut or fold. Do not immerse in liquid.

Measurements: 41 x 27,4 cm
Power: 21.6 W
Voltage: 230 V

Saadavus: Otsas

38,00 €