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  • SYLVANIA SHP-T 250W GroXpress E40 SYLVANIA SHP-T 250W GroXpress E40

SYLVANIA SHP-T 250W GroXpress E40


SHP-T 250W GroXpress

High pressure sodium products with very high lumen output: Up to 1.48 PAR/Wļ»æ
Extended life in comparison to standard SHP products: Up to on average 30 000 hoursļ»æ

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Sylvaniaā€™s new GroXpressis an ideal solution for small and medium scale greenhouses and domestic plant growth facilities for flowering plants and vegetables. It also provides an opportunity for out of season crops. GroXpress is optimized for high Phytolumens and its light spectrum maximizes red output which is essential for plant growth.ļ»æ Delivers high photosynthetic efficiency ĀGroXpress light spectrum maximizes red output essential for plant growth ĀSutable for a plethora of applications related to plant growth ĀOptimized for high phytolumens or PAR outputļ»æ


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