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Expands extremely fast

CANNA has developed a specially designed hole which causes the brick to expand faster than you have ever seen before. Especially when used in combination with the packaging of the brick. The packaging is in fact a bag in which the brick is designed to be soaked or wetted. No more endless stirring and waiting for the coco to finally be ready for use. With this development, CANNA has been able to eliminate the downside that comes with the use of bricks.


CANNA COCO can be re-used several times which saves time, money and effort.

Multi functional packaging

The packaging of each separate brick is in fact a bag in which the brick is designed to be soaked or wetted. No more extra aids, such as buckets, tubs or containers are needed. Just open the bag, add water and the coco is ready.

To make life easier for the grower, the bag has grip handles which makes it very easy to carry the prepared coco to pots, bags, beds or wherever you want it to go.

Easy storage & transportation

Due to the compressed nature of the brick it takes up very little space which in turn makes it very easy to transport and store.

RHP certified

CANNA COCO is RHP certified for professional horticulture. This means it meets even higher requirements than other media that are RHP certified for consumer use (or not certified at all).

The RHP for Horticulture certification guarantees a clean and pure product that is free from weeds and pathogenic organisms and is suitable for professional use.

Not steam sterilized

In order to qualify for possible RHP certification the coco must be either steam sterilized or the production process must be fully controlled. Steam sterilization is easier and less expensive and therefore the choice of most manufacturers.

CANNA avoids steam sterilizing because of its many disadvantages. One is the mediums' loss of the ability to naturally protect crops against harmful molds like Pythium. Steaming also converts plant usable Nitrate nitrogen to plant toxic Nitrite nitrogen. Steaming also changes the structure of the coco and as a result it retains more water, which is not a good thing.

CANNA choose not to steam sterilize but rather to fully control the production process from the moment the nut drops from the tree. It is possible, therefore, to offer a product that still has desired beneficials that have strengthening properties.

Washed & Buffered

CANNA COCO is washed, buffered and therefore ready for use.

Washed: Because coco palms grow near and on salt water, coco tissues contain large amounts of ions or salt. Salt can be very detrimental to plants when the occur above certain concentrations even though they generally are considered plant nutrients. In order to make coco suitable as a plant growth medium it needs to be washed. CANNA COCO is washed thoroughly with clean water so there is no need to rinse it yourself.

Buffered: Coco has what is considered a negative CEC (capacity of the substrate to retain and exchange water and nutrients).

The nutrients provided by the grower will be taken up by the medium and will not become available to the plant . This undesired effect must be prevented. In order to permanently stabilize the chemistry of the medium and its pH, CANNA has buffered its coco medium to make sure that the nutrients you give will go to the plant.

2 x 10 Liter

One CANNA COCO Brick will make 20 liters of coco medium. But in case you have the desire to make smaller portions you can very easily break the brick due to the fracture line in the middle. This enables you to make two equal amounts of 10 liter.

CANNA Coco Bricks are packaged per 2 bricks of 20 liters. One CANNA Coco Brick package makes a total of 40 liters of CANNA COCO medium.

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