Clonebox View PAR+ (125x65x120cm) 3 shelves

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The Clonebox View incorporates all the great features that growers love from our original Clonebox, only with the handy addition of two large viewing windows in the front doors. Each viewing window is 49cm x 74cm (W x H). They can also be closed to create a completely light-tight growing area if required. Ideal if you are raising cuttings in the same room as flowering plants on different light-cycles. Why is this such a cool feature? Well, now you can easily keep an eye on your precious young cuttings and seedlings without the risk of lowering relative humidity levels by opening the doors. The PAR+ super-reflective lining helps to promote optimal lighting conditions while mitigating the risks of excessive heat build-up in the environmentally-sensitive propagation zone. The Clonebox View has an adjustable double - shelving system so growers can choose whether to pack in up to 12 full-sized propagators to start thousands of seedlings and cuttings or afford themselves a little more room. You can even remove the middle-shelve to create a mini-mother box!

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