GIB Industries pH-Meter Pro blue

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GIB Industries pH-meter Pro blue, accuracy 0.02 pH, manual temperature compensation. calibration: - Carefully remove the protective cap from the electrode. (Caution: the cap comprises a KCL storage solution). - Rinse electrode with distilled water, dry it and put it in the pH7 solution. - Turn ph7 in clockwise and wait 20-30 seconds to be read value and to be able to set the value of 7.00. - Rinse the electrode again with distilled water, dry it and place it in a solution PH4. - Turn ph X in clockwise and set the value to 4.00 - Wait 20-30 seconds until the count - When finished, rinse the electrode cap and possibly put in a solution for storage KCL. Avoid holding the tester in hand for the duration of calibration - Suitable solutions for calibration can be found here, here and here - Suitable storage solution can be viewed here

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