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Hesi SOIL Substrate

The raw materials: Peat has a high water and air capacity by nature and a slightly acidic pH. Peat can contain many times its own weight in Absorb water and makes hard water soft.
Bark humus is added to revive the soil, which contains a lot of oxygen and water. And hold on to it. Bark humus is composted softwood bark, which becomes growth-promoting humus through fermentation. Bark humus has very good buffering properties, both for the pH but also for the salt and nutrient content. Instead of perlite, Hesi GrowMix contains natural clay minerals, which act as water storage and Ion exchangers work.
Clay minerals consist of movable silicate layers, between which easily water, nutrients but also acid particles are stored, which guarantees a constant pH value in the root environment.

esi GrowMix is enriched with NPK fertilizer and trace elements, Plants with a high nutrient requirement are sufficiently fertilized for at least 2 weeks. Plants with lower nutrient requirements are also supplied for a longer period.
The substrate has an optimal slightly acidic pH around 5,8. The conductivity is 1mS/cm (25°C). Hesi GrowMix is ideal in combination with Hesi soil fertilizer and Booster.
Hesi GrowMix is available in Packaging from:
20L (8kg) and 45L(18kg)

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