LUMATEK Shinobi Parabolic White (80cm) Reflector

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The Shinobi is a brand new design of parabolic reflector manufactured to the highest standards. It has been designed to throw as much light downwards as possible. It measures 80cm across and aims to throw light evenly down at approximately 1m square. If you are looking for a shade that gives you a wide light spread then this is not the shade for you, you need the Turrican reflector.

FOOTPRINT: 1.5mx1.5m
DIMENSIONS: 84x84x39cm
  • Focused downward uniform light spread
  • 80cm diameter parabolic for 1 sqm light footprint
  • Can position close to top of plant canopy for more light
  • Vented top section to reduce heat build-up
  • Highly reflective Focal 95 finish 95% reflectivity
  • Constructed from premium grade components
  • 1.5mm cable, 750V connector & cable grips
  • Eliminates hotspots
  • Supplied with 4m IEC lead for simple connection to ballasts
  • Can be used with both CFLs and HID lamps
  • Packaged in flat packs – easier to store and deliver
  • Clear concise instructions for easy assembly
  • Rated for HPS/MH grow lamps up to 1000Watts
Lumatek realised that there wasn’t a reflector specifically tailored for those growing in a small space such as a tent. Normal reflectors allow a lot of light to go sideways, the SHINOBI makes all of the light go downwards not relying on the sides of tents/walls to reflect the light.

The SHINOBI is entirely made from aluminium , the bulb holder , the hanger , the leaves and both top plates. This was done to keep weight to an absolute minimum.

The SHINOBI is the first shade to incorporate the ‘VVS’ (Variable Ventilation System). It has a unique adjustable top plate that allows the end user to increase or decrease the amount of escaping hot air. If the canopy is too hot simply adjust the top plate to allow maximum airflow. Alternatively if you wish to increase the canopy temperature then close the vent system.

The SHINOBI comes in two forms ‘white’ and ‘ultra’ The white is the standard powder coated version and the Ultra is the premium highly reflective (95%) version made from Focal 95.

Lumatek have also upgraded the wiring on the SHINOBI, Both the standard and the premium version use the same lamp holder system. It uses a wiring connector rated to 750 volts, standard shades usually use ones rated to 350v. Additionally the wiring is sealed in a fully enclosed unit with cable grips at both ends. 3 x 1.5mm cable is used compared to 3 x 0.75mm used on a lot of competitors reflectors.

Despite all of these innovative and great new features Lumatek have managed to keep the prices down to the same level as similar inferior parabolic reflectors.

Available in premium Ultra 95% reflective or standard White powder coated aluminium, 80cm parabolic growlight reflector. Produces maximum intensity light concentrated uniformly into 1sqm, rated for up to 1000W.

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