Organic Pest Free Neem 30 ml

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Ideal sprays against sucking and biting pests at the following plants:
- Ornamental plants (aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, mealybugs, spider mites, whiteflies leafminers, and by casting against fungus gnats)
- Ornamental trees (winter moth caterpillars of the Small and Gespinnstmotten), Hardwood (gypsy moth *, green oak leaf, * * procession moth), softwood (* gypsy moth, pine moth *), horse chestnut (chestnut leafminer *)
- Potatoes (the Colorado potato beetle larvae),
- Tomatoes (sucking and biting insects, spider mites), leaf and stem vegetables (sucking and biting insects *), Asparagus (* biting insects),
- Apple (mealy apple aphid; Apfelschalenwickler their own experience, sawflies)
- Pome and stone fruit (* leafminer, Cherry moth *)
- Sour cherries (black Sauerkirschblattlaus *)
- Pomes, stone fruit and berries (winter moth caterpillars of the Small)
- Black Elderberry (Holunderblattlaus)
- Vine nurseries (phylloxera *)
- Legumes (sucking and biting insects *)
- Plums (aphids *)

Active substance:
- 10 g / l azadirachtin A corresponds
- 40 g / l of natural neem seed extract "NeemAzal"

Dosing with enclosed measuring cup. Plants, including leaf undersides Spray lightly (not dripping wet).
Dose syringes: 3 ml / 1 l water
Waiting time: none

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