Prima Klima Azerwing Vega Green LA55-Vpro-CMH 95% Reflection with preassambled PGZ18 Lampholder for 315W CMH lamps.

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The Prima Klima AZERWING LA55-Vpro reflector with PGZ18 lampholder for CMH/CDM lamps and pre-assembled electric box for easy connect provides homogenous light distribution without hotspots with reflection up to 95% after the patterning process. AZERWING VPro use reflector sheet Vega - unique PVD 4-Layer system. Quality made for professionals.

Patent number: EP3070397




- Easy Connect


- Build up time in 4 minutes


- Electric box with bracket assembled


- Lampholder with stepless adjustable angle of inclination


- Center reflector with an acute angle for maximum luminous efficiency


- Stable railing for perfect symetry, optimal cooling and flexible mounting

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