Prima Klima Cooltube L2015

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Length: 505mm with flange
Width: ~ 125mm
Max Power: 600W
Flange: 125mm
Weight: 1.60Kg (1.96Kg Gross Weight)

The COOLTUBE reflector is on the market since 1996. The COOLTUBE consists essentially of BSG glass tube with a high light transmission. The flanges of heat resistant and impact resistant nylon isolate the air from the heat of the lamp and also serve as a support for the reflector panels which are made from enviromentally friendly coated aluminium (PVD). The outer reflector can be easily adjusted to adapt the illumination to the space requirements. The COOLTUBE can be also used in the 360 mode. The tunnel cooling effect allows bringing the COOLTUBE closer to the plants. It can be easily mounted with integrated cable lugs. The high quality E40 ceramic lampholder is suitable for HPS & MH lamps. A high quality cable gland secures the connection cable.

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