Prima Klima PK250-XLE one speed 1450 m³/h 250mm

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Prima Klima PK250-XLE ventilator Ø 250mm - One speed radial fan - Connection: 250 mm - Airflow: 1450 m3/h - Voltage: 230V - 50/60Hz - Consumption: 210-285W / 0,93-1,25A - Max temperature 42Ā°C - Motor technology AC (ebm-papst) - Adjustable revolution - Weight: approx. 6,7 kg
As measured by the norm (ERP2018), the speed adjustable motor of this fire-resistant fan has a better energy efficiency, a durable and maintenance free high-precision ball bearing, as well as a thermal safety switch. The connection and regulation technology is located inside the high-quality junction box. The RadiCal impeller by ebm-papst is equipped with backwards curved blades. This construction guarantees a good airflow, even with depression, like it develops during the operation with filters. Thanks to the new, flow-optimized plastic housing PrimaKlima was able to lower the noise of the fan. The startup is easy and fast with read-for-use Schuko connection-plug. The robust mounting bracket enables the perfect placing of the fan.

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