Urbangardening OÜ was established in 2014 in Estonia. Ever since we have provided high quality horticultural hydroponic systems in different fields: hydroponics, lighting, organic and mineral nutrients, ventilation, cropping machinery etc. We represent only brands that are highly recommended to provide the best value and results, therefore creating long-term partnerships with our clients. Our company has been growing continuously to make the goods more available to the surrounding markets. As of 2020 Urbangardening upgraded the website and restarted with wholesale activity in the Baltic and Nordic region.

To maximize agricultural results in the Northern hemisphere the plants need additional light to continue their natural cycles to bare fruits more frequently than in normal conditions. This is possible in indoor controlled environments or in a greenhouse. With the right amount of light, temperature, humidity, air circulation and plant-food, anyone can grow their own food or herbs in their own home. It is also crucial for bigger running industries to upgrade their technology to increase their production and cut costs in the long run.

To further improve the results, we have started assisting our clients with also different services e.g.:
* Local light measuring data for optimal results
* Light planning (3D models) for new and running industries
* Consulting different governmental and private building projects and facilities.

We have made it our top-priority to make the quality goods available to anyone anywhere. Therefore, we have flexible shipping possibilities and caring staff to fulfill all your needs.