Homebox 80 VIP set

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The Homebox Q80 All options Set includes :

Homebox 80cm x 80cm x 180cm  smell and light proof grow tent with reflective PAR + inner coating
Full spectrum LED SANLight Q5W S2.1 Gen2 (up to 245w, PPF: 520 µmol/s, 90% light output after 100,000 hours, white+ infra red diodes).
Ventilator Prima Klima PK100-TC Temperature/speed control 280m3/h 100mm
Activated carbon air filter Prima Klima Industry K1603, 125/400, 360m3/h
Combi tube 2m + Reducer 125mm to 100mm
Pro-grip pulleys heavy-duty (PRO Grip pulleys are pulleys that allow hanging heavy spotlights and change position in the greenhouse).
Secret Jardin Monkey Fan 30w (Engine 100% Copper, 2 speeds, vertical installation possibility).
Thermo-Hygrometer digital (two measuring points) Indoor/ outdoor (measuring with memory function for two measuring points. Stores both max and min temperatures and max-min humidity).
GrowSYSTEM AIR-POT 0.8 (is perfect for getting started with hydroponics, but is also suitable for professional classic plant cultivation on soil).

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