Idrolab RDWC System 2 "Original"

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RDWC system: 4+1
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The idrolab® RDWC system exploits the negative pressure of the water and air pressure to obtain the highest oxygenation of the nutrient solution through the means of constant recycling in the roots growing area. The continuous fluid movement charges the nutrients with dissolved oxygen thereby creating an  oxygen-rich solution to maximize potential growth. The constant recycling of the nutrient solution guarantees Ph, Ec, and temperature levels which are uniform in each and every system module. The system is versatile and easy to install and maintain. It is ideal for hobby and commercial applications. The modular design of the system makes it simple and fast to assemble and easy to expand if and when needed.

Increased yield productivity
  • Increased crop yield 
  • Reduction of the vegetative stage 
  • Exponential production with a minimum number of plants
  • The constant recycling of the nutritive solution and the high level of dissolved oxygen optimizes the roots absorption capability 
  • Nutrient solution longevity is increased saving you money due to less frequent reservoir changes
Less maintenance 
  • EC, pH and temperature values are uniform in all system modules
  • Easy integration with: pH and nutrients dosers, top-off reservoir and water chillers

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