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Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X Fertilizer
Bud Factor X helps your crops to maintain maximum photosynthetic rates well past the time when plants would normally go into "shut-down" mode so your plants' essential oil and resin production will be increased. Bud Factor X is available in various size.

What is Bud Factor X?
Bud Factor X is a flowering stimulator to be used throughout the floral stage of the plant. Bud Factor X also goes a long way to improving the resin in your plants, by naturally promoting higher quality, higher quantity, and resin production.

Why Bud Factor X?
Bud Factor-X contains bio-active ingredients that enhance inherent qualities in plants, coaxing maximum production of terpinoids, resins and essential oils. The components in Bud Factor X were also engineered to maximize yields, not only crop quality. The balanced combination of highly bio-active ingredients maximize resin contents in crops as well as enabling crops to continue at maximize photosynthetic rates when plants normally are forced to "shut-down". The reduced forms of nitrogen and B-Vitamins in the formulation will also further root development, especially when using Bud Factor X in conjunction with Piranha, Voodoo Juice and Tarantula.

Bud Factor X is applied with nutrients starting in the early bloom phase to trigger and maintain a higher level of resin secretion throughout the entire bloom phase. The ingredients in Bud Factor X are absorbed by the plants roots and begin to signal the plant to maximize production of these valuable compounds. This is accomplished by signaling receptors that are inherent to the plant directly on an intra-cellular level. When this occurs, not only is the plant of higher quality, it is able to continue to grow abundant harvests.
Grower’s Tip:
Mix as directed and apply as a foliar spray just before lights go off. You want it to have plenty of time to sink in rather than be evaporated. Do NOT spray during periods of high humidity or when you are within 3 weeks of harvest.
  • Triggers plants to maximize their ability to produce essential oils and resin.
  • Provides nutrition for beneficial microbes in the root zone
  • Increases the value of crops grown for their essential oil contents, giving maximum yield of the desired active compounds.
  • Strengthens the immune system by preventing plant pests, diseases and stress.
  • A highly potent immune response stimulator.
  • Boosts yield, potency and overall plant health.
  • Effective in any medium - hydro, coco, soil and aeroponics.
  • Can be applied as a foliar spray.

Indoor Use:
Use throughout flowering stage starting at a rate of 0.3 ml / l and increasing the dose up to 2 ml / l in the last week of flowering roots prior to washing.

Outdoors Use:
Add to irrigation water throughout the flowering beginning with a dose rate of 0.5 ml / l increase as pass up to 3 ml / l.

Bud Factor X can also be applied as a foliar spray, though we recommend that this is undertaken before the forming of flowers to prevent issues with excess humidity and fungal infections.

* The doses used in these recommendations are based on calculations made using a soft water (or to be of osmosis) Sensi Bloom A + B + B Advanced Nutrients Big Bud-52 +.
* Do not use Bud X Factor before the flowering stage. Its formulation antistress delay the floral entry period.
  • Magnesium (Mg) 0,5% (water-soluble Magnesium (Mg) 0,5%)
  • Derived from: magnesium nitrate
  • Contains also: Willow bark extract 0,6%

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