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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow Organic OIM Fertilizer
Iguana Juice Grow is the best organic vegetative formula on the market, with natural ingredients that give your plants a firm foundation for a fantastic flowering phase later on. You'll see increases in density and strength of branching, larger & healthier root systems, and faster vegetative growth.
People who adhere to organic nutrients are enthusiastic about the Iguana Juice Grow product.
This is the best organic vegetable formula on the market, with natural ingredients that give your plants a solid foundation for a further fantastic flowering stage.
When used, you will notice increased density and strength of branches, a larger and healthier root system, faster vegetative growth and a shorter length of internodes.
Iguana Juice consists of fish from the North Pacific, contains more than 70 minerals, a wing extract, juice extract, rainwater droppings, sea bird droppings, bats of feces, and lucerne extract.
It is important to use in combination with Iguana Juice Bloom for a robust, gourmet cure that has the taste of desserts or desserts.
Iguana Grow can be used in all cultivation techniques such as: soil, hydro, NFT ...
During the entire cultivation cycle of your plants, you only use Iguana Grow and Iguana Bloom, and you do not need any other additives.
Why? Iguana contains all the elements which plant needs in the growth and flowering phase.
The Iguana product is unique and tested.
  • Shake well before use
Type of Fertilizer
  • NPK 3-1-3
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 3% (by weight of nitrogenous organic matter, top in water 3%)
  • Available Phosphat (P2O5) 1%
  • Water-soluble Potassium-Oxide (K2O) 3%
  • Derived from: fish flour, yucca extract, algae flour, alfalfa extract, beer yeast extract
  • & 2. week 1ml/L of water
  • & 4. week 3ml/L of water
  • 5., 6. & 7 week 4ml/L of water
  • Vegetation 4ml/L of water
  • Young plants 2ml/L of water
  • Sprouted plants 1ml/L of water

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