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Advanced Nutrients Nirvana

This is Your Best Choice for an All-Natural Flower Booster
Your flowers get larger in size and higher in quality when you feed them Nirvana. Not only that, Nirvana helps plants like yours because during bloom phase they have a high carbohydrate turnover and need the potassium Nirvana provides for extra energy production. 

Shake well before use
It is used throughout the entire period of growth and flowering, because it takes care of the health and vitality of cells

  • 2ml/1L of water (3., 4., 5. & 6. week)
Type of Fertilizer
  • NPK 0-0-1
  • Water-soluble Potash (K2O) 1%
  • Derived from: earthworm humus, humus, algae extracts (Ascophyllum nodosum), Alfalfa Meal (Medicago)

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