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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive
During the final weeks of bloom phase your plants need the ingredients in Overdrive to maintain flower maturation, flower growth, and overall vigor. Many growers neglect the last weeks of bloom phase, but now you can kick it into Overdrive for a strong finish and get bigger smiles at harvest time.
Flowering stimulus with an extremely complex and extensive range of phosphorus and potassium sources.
Various hormones and accelerator activators have been added to gain extra volume and weight for producing exceptional flowers.
For the critical last weeks of flowering, when the plant is most gaining on the weight of flowers and fruits.
  • Shake well before use
  • Suitable for use in all growing mediums
  • Use Overdrive only in the last 2-3 weeks of the flowering phase
  • The manufacturer suggests the use of Overdrive with: VooDoo Juice, Big Bud in B-52
  • 2ml/1L of water
Type of Fertilizer
  • NPK 1-5-4
  • Total Nitrogen (N) 1% ((NO3) 1%)
  • Phosphat (P2O5) 5%
  • Potassium-Oxide (K2O) 4%
  • Magnesium (Mg) 1% (water-soluble Magnesium (Mg) 0,92%)
  • Derived from: magnesium nitrate, magnesium phosphate, monobasic potassium phosphate, potassium nitrate

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