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Organic soil conditioner
Humic-Blast is an organic soil conditioner that improves plants ability to absorb nutrients, balances the charge in mediums creating airy soil structure and improves water retention. Humic-Blast neutralizes build up of acids and salts in the medium freeing locked up nutrients. Humic-Blast is rich in Carbon and Potassium humates and is supplemented with natural plant hormones and microelements.
Why use HUMIC-Blast?
  • Boosts the development of young plants
  • Stimulates natural hormone production
  • Organic soil conditioner
  • Improves water retention
  • Improves plant nutrient absorption capacity
  • Detoxifying effect for heavy metals (heavy metals, Chlorine compounds, Aluminum and Sodium)
  • Allows safe medium reuse for multiple cycles
 How to use HUMIC-BLAST
Humic-Blast is used in the last two to three waterings. Mix 3 ml of Humic-Blast per 10 L of water and for the last watering, mix 6 ml of Humic-Blast per 10 L of water.
Shake well before use.
HUMIC-BLAST contains
  • Humic acid from the Leonardite layer
  • Microlife biomass from controlled fermentation of selected strains (specific beneficials)
  • Growth promoting L-amino acids
  • Specific plant extracts
 How HUMIC-BLAST works
  • Humic acid stores nutrients until the plant is ready to absorb them from the medium
  • Creates good soil structure by increasing water retention, balancing cation exchange capacity, breaking down salts and restoring soil structure
  • Regulates the nutrient salts in the medium
  • Humic acid in the medium stimulates and enhances microlife activity
  • Use to condition new growing medium before transplanting
  • Add to the last two to three feedings, or if not possible, flush the final week with clean water and Humic-Blast. This prepares the medium or reuse in the next cycle

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