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Beneficial soil borne microlife
(MICROMIX DRIP is sold separately)
During the production process of growing substrates all microlife is destroyed/sterilized so that no harmful elements remain. The problem with this approach is that also the beneficial elements are destroyed. This makes the substrate more susceptible to pests and diseases. It is important to have a rich beneficial microlife in the substrate to prevent problems and to optimize growing conditions. Adding Micromix creates a rich beneficial soil life that offers optimal growing conditions in the substrate.
  • Protects the root system from harmful fungi and bacteria
  • Stimulates rooting and growth processes
  • 100% organic how MICROMIX works
  • Enzymes produced by beneficial bacteria decompose accumulated nutrient salts
  • Healthy populations of beneficial microorganisms protect root systems from harmful microorganisms
 MICROMIX contains
Micromix comes in two types of powders: Soil & Drip. They both contain a mix of microorganisms and stimulants. The microorganisms are selected by their functions and specially -treated to remain stable.
To extend the storage life of the mix special carriers have been used to protect and feed the microorganisms. This guarantees that the microorganisms have a stable and powerful effect directly after application.
How to use MICROMIX
Micromix Soil: Mix through the substrate at 0,5–1 g/L of soil or straw 1g in each planthole before (trans-) planting. Optionally repeat treatment after 21 days using Micromix drip
  • Use Micromix during the growth phase to increase young plant survival and health
  • Micromix can be used on all type of substrates

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