Atami Wilma System Large 4 plants 18L Pot

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Atami Wilma System Large, 4 Plants, 18 Litres Pots
Recirculating Hydro Grow System
professional, automatic irrigation
flexible setup in individual pots
easy setup, sturdy construction
Atami's Wilma drip irrigation system combines the precise nutrient delivery of a hydro system with the flexibility of individual plant pots. The Wilma System Large offers space to supply 4 plants in plant pots of 18 litres each. The plants thus have enough space to develop fully and grow magnificently.

Automated nutrient supply for maximum yields
The professional irrigation by the Wilma system ensures optimal growth without deficiency symptoms. Manual watering of your plants is no longer necessary with the Wilma system. The watering is done precisely and reliably by a timer. (not included in the scope of delivery) The Atami Wilma System allows various grow media, such as coco, hydrostones, rockwool flakes or Mapito.

Stable setup even for large plants
The Atami Wilma system is impressively easy to set up and also to take down. Thanks to the solid construction, the system stands steadily and securely in the grow room. Even large and well-developed plants have a very good and stable stand.

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