AutoPot AirDome Kit

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Supercharge your plants! The AirDome has been designed to boost growth and yields by increasing the oxygen content in the pot. More oxygen means
a healthier root zone and greater uptake of water and nutrient; your plants will grow bigger and yield significantly more.

In AirDome trials with Luffa plants we achieved an increase in yield of 130%! For more common varieties of fruiting plants, you can expect an increase in yields of up to 30%!

The Domes are very simple to use and take less than 30 seconds to assemble. The AirDome is placed at the bottom of the pot, covered with compost and then connected to an air pump.

To maximise the effectiveness of the AirDome use a ‘fluffy’ mix, such as 50% good quality compost and 50% perlite. Avoid peat based compost as this will compress, reducing the effectiveness of the AirDome.

If using AirDomes with large systems, consider using larger pumps that allow you to connect 16mm pipe (standard hosepipe). Mirror your water supply and reduce the pipe to 6mm at each AirDome connection, using AutoPot fittings. Never blow cold air into the root zone, only warm air.

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