Better Organix K+Amino 100 ml

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Advantages of Better Organix K+Amino:
  • Contains powerful growth promoting hormones, enzymes and microbes
  • Increases plant response to stress and pathogens
  • Contains mineralising bacteria and beneficial root fungi
  • Instantly beneficial on application
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Sustainable and 100% veganic

K+AMINO contains organic and bacterially activated Nitrogen and organic Potassium growth elements, highly suited to a wide range of plant types. K+AMINO also contains plant available Silicon and a myriad of chelated micro-nutrients, essential for helping our plants maintain internal balance.

It promotes healthy, abundant growth particularly in vegetables, fruits and flora though it works equally well for most perennials, trees, shrubs and even picky orchids and ornamentals. K+AMINO contains phytohormones, enzymes and vitamins, all in natural form and essential for good plant/soil health.

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