BioBizz Coco-Mix 50 L

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Biobizz® Coco Mix ™ is an organic substrate from coconut composition, which allows plants to have fertile growing conditions due to their ability to retain humidity and oxygen.
How to use Coco Mix™?

Coco Mix™ can be used in all hydroponic crops to replace rock wool. Growing in pots on a coco-based substrate is a popular cultivation method. Growers who wish to become more organic can use Coco Mix™ in combination with their usual A+B range. Want to use Coco Mix™ in combination with the Biobizz® products? We advise to combine Coco Mix™ with Root·Juice™, Bio•Bloom™, Top•Max™ and Bio•Heaven™. When using these products the quality of the plant will be improved, which will result in a higher yield.


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