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What is Light•Mix®?

Light•Mix®is the ideal substrate for organic growers who want to control their plant growth by applying liquid fertilizers (right from the initial growth).
Micro activity is created as the liquids work with the soil to produce organic catalysts. Light•Mix® is also ideal for cuttings, young plants, and seedlings. This soil mixture ensures rapid root development as well as vigorous initial growth.

How to use Light·Mix®?

Larger quantities of fertilizers may be applied on-demand to any kind of plant, including heavy feeders, without the risk of overloading the soil and causing a nutrient burn. The mixture has been blended to ensure optimal drainage throughout the entire medium, a property that is essential if automatic irrigation systems are used. In case of automatic watering it is important for the substrate to allow the water to infiltrate, otherwise, the substrate can become too wet, which can cause mold. The pH-and EC value of Light·Mix® BiobizzĀ® products have not been produced with mineral salts but with organic elements. These organic elements are impossible to measure. However, the elements have a self-regulating system, which maintains the values at the correct level

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