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Guerrilla Tabs
  • Slow release 100% organic fertilizer tablets NPK: 15–7–8
  • Beneficial Rhizo bacteria.
  • Enough for 5 very big plants.
  • No need to adjust the PH or EC when using Guerrilla Tabs.
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Guerrilla Tabs are slow-release organic fertilizer tablets that condition the soil through microbiological activity while fertilizing the plant.
  • 10 Gram Soil Conditioning Tablets 15-7-8
  • For container or grounded plants.
  • Use 4 Tabs per 10-litre container, 6 Tabs per 20-litre container, 8 Tabs per 30-litre container
  • In-ground plants: use 4 tabs per plant.
  • Push the tabs 5 cm deep below the soil surface and water.
Use 2 Guerrilla Tabs for each 5 litres of potting soil.
In the ground, use 4 GuerrillaTabs per plant.
Control Union Certified 100% Organic Ingredients.
For optimal results, combine Guerrilla Tabs with beneficial soil bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi, such as BACTREX and MYCOTREX

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