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Bluelab Temperature Probe - Replacement temperature probe                                                               
Use the temperature probe in the same solution as the Bluelab® pH Probe. The probe provides a temperature reading and automatic temperature compensation (ATC) for pH measurements.                                                             

Technical Specifications                                              
Measurement Range: 0.0 – 50.0 °C / 32 – 122 ̊F
Accuracy at 25̊C / 77̊F: ± 1 °C or ± 2 °F
Operating Environment: 0 – 60 ̊C / 32 – 144 ̊F                                                                   
  • Robust and easy to clean stainless steel body
  • Waterproof cable joint
  • Quality 3.5mm connection
  • No calibration required
  • Bluelab ‘EarthLink’ compatible to reduce interference
  • 2 meter standard cable
  • Use with Bluelab® pH Controller and Bluelab® pH Controller Connect                                     
Why measure temperature? - Unlock your plant health fundamentals
Temperature is a key plant health fundamental, as it plays a pivotal role in your plants’ growth rate as well as their structure. Temperature also affects important plant processes, such as flowering and pollination.
That’s why you need to regularly measure the temperature within your plants’ growing environment. If it’s too warm, this could lead to oxygen deficiency and root infection. If it’s too cold, this could shock the roots, which may hinder plant growth.
Get the fundamentals of growing right by regularly measuring temperature to ensure that this is always within the correct range.
A replacement probe for your Bluelab controller for accurate temperature measurements
The Bluelab Temperature Probe has been specially designed for use with the Bluelab pH Controller, Bluelab pH Controller Connect and Bluelab Pro Controller Connect. This reliable probe accurately measures the temperature of your nutrient solution.
Bluelab conductivity and pH measurements also use the temperature probe to automatically compensate readings for temperature, ensuring accurate measurements at all times.
All our products are designed with growers, for growers – so you can be confident that the Bluelab Temperature Probe will help you carry out essential tasks with ease. Built in New Zealand, this probe has a two-year guarantee.

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