CanFan LCD EC Controller

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CanFan LCD EC Controller

This high-quality EC fan controller programmed to suit our EC motor fans like Q-Max EC and Max Fan Pro Series EC, can easily control the environment. The sensor provided will take readings of temperature, humidity, day/night mode. Negative pressure is also possible when using an intake fan; 15 programs are available using only 3 buttons.
The new Can Fan EC LCD Controller has a wide range of functionalities:
  • Temperature and Humidity Control
  • Day and Night settings
  • Negative pressure settings
  • Maximum and minimum Speed settings
  • Hysteresis settings
  • Control up to 10 EC Fans with one Controller
  • Plug & Play Jack connection
  • Noiseless Control
The new Can Fan EC LCD Controller is easy to use with the Up / Down buttons. The 12 VDC power supply is provided, as well as all the necessary cables (4 meters), plugs and the sensor day and night / temperature/humidity. Manual in 17 languages.Can Fan EC LCD Controller is one of the most complete EC controllers available on the market.

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