CarbonActive EC Inline Filter Unit 800m3/h

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CarbonActive EC Inline Filter Unit 800m3/h

Centrifugal fan: ebm-papst K3G190-RD45-03
Connection: Ø 200 mm 
Pressure: 1200 Pa
Gross weight: 17.2 kg
Dimension: 695 x 400 x 440 mm
Installation dimensions: 650 x 400 x 440 mm
W / A / VAC: 170 / 1.4 / 200 - 240
Incl. 220V cable
1x RJ45 connection         
Matching filters are:      
Granules AKF 800GL ø200            
Standard AKF 800ZL ø200              
Pollen filter ø200 800m3/h 
ATTENTION: EC fans cannot be operated without control. A controller is absolutely necessary.

EC Inline Filter Unit - with ebm-papst EC fan

The compact filter system offers all components in one ventilation box for easy use. A wide variety of filter types fit into the unit for various purposes.
The unit is delivered without a filter. The corresponding filters must be ordered separately.
  • Standard activated carbon filter
  • Granulate activated carbon filter
  • Pollen filter 
If necessary, an additional activated carbon filter can be installed in front of the unit in front of the filter system in order to increase the absorption capacity. This is easily possible due to the enormous pressure build-up of the fan.
Inline filter box - without fan
The inline filter box can be integrated into any existing system.
  • Exchangeable filters - The filter box remains installed in the system
  • Compatible with granulate, standard and pollen filters
  • Ideal for double filtration
  • Can be integrated at any position in the circuit
  • Enables the filtration of both supply air and exhaust air
  • Easy integration in existing systems
  • High filtration performance

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