CarbonActive HomeLine Standard Filter 800Z, 800m3/h, Ø200mm

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This Swiss-made high-tech filter is tantamount a revolution in the activated carbon filter area. The small weight and dimension are a huge advantage in smaller grow rooms. The new generation of the ActiveCarbon Homeline Standard filter offers some significant changes. For example, the flange was revised and equipped with an integrated suspension. Also, it is now possible by means of reducers to adjust the size of the flange to the exhaust system used. The Filter The Swiss Activated Carbon Filter neutralizes odors, absorbing 100% of odors. The new technology allows an adsorption of up to 3,000mĀ³ air per hour with a new weight of 16kg. The Swiss ACF is an alternative for the standard metal cylinder and has some great advantages: * longer durability * neutralizes odors 100% * minimal pressure loss * no pulverized carbon in the air * easy installation * delivery by mail * easy to dispose * special pre-filter The Pre-Filter The larger substances in the air get trapped in the coarse particulate air filter so the fine particulate air filter won't get clogged. The latter holds back substances larger than 0.4Āµm (0.0004mm). This pre-filter substantially prolongs the lifetime of the SwissACF since particles bigger than 0.4Āµm would damage the pore openings. Never operate the filter without pre-filter. This would heavily impair the quality and durability. The pre-filter has a special hook and loop fastener so there's no need to dismantle the SwissACF for a pre-filter change.

CarbonActive HomeLine Standard Filter 800Z

Weight: 4kg

Optimal filtration efficiency at: 640mĀ³/h

Performance range: 200mĀ³/h ā€“ 800mĀ³/h

Dimensions: Ć275mm x 420mm

Port size in mm: Ć200

Pressure loss: 55Pa / 800mĀ³/h
                            31Pa / 640mĀ³/h

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