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The 1000W DE Vegetative Plus Lamp is a 1000W Double Ended MH bulb. The high blue ratio and full spectrum output ensures healthy plant growth and robustness.
It is a Metal Halide lamp 1000 Watt with 6500K Spectrum. It is ideal for vegetatibe growth, as the optimized spectrum is similar to 6500K spectrum. 

Replacement after 6000 hours is reccomended in order to ensure an optimal and continous growth. 
Technical data
Lamp wattage 1020 W
System wattage 1056 W
Lamp voltage (in luminaire) 250 V
Ignition voltage 4,5 kV
Photon flux 1350 µmol/s
Recommended use time 6000 h
Color Temperature 6500 K
Burning position Horizontal
Max. permittede pinch temp 250 C
Max. permitted bulb temp 700 C
Diameter max 38.0 mm
Total length max 394 mm
Base K12x30s
Standard pack 1 piece

More information: https://dutchlightinginnovations.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Flyer-DLI_1000W_DE_VegetativePlus-Lamp.pdf

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