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A predetermined pH value with buffering: In production we can predetermine a specific pH value of the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ®. By adding special components this pH value is buffered, which means that the pH-value of the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® is much more stable and less prone to user and/or equipment errors and easier to manage. 2) A predetermined EC value with buffering: In production we can also predetermine a specific EC value of the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ®. This value too is buffered, so the EC value does not need to be built up to a specific level, will remain more stable at that level and is easier to control. 3) Open structure allowing an always correct balance of water and air : Overwatering is practically impossible, if the plugs/b;ocks can drain out. Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® automatically drain the excess water, so there is always a perfect air/water optimum for a healthy root environment. 4) Water buffering properties: The Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® buffers more water than loose potting soil or Rockwool. This puts the plant less in a stressful situation of too little water and the cutting continues to grow better, resulting in faster and more vigorous rooting. Because of the water buffering properties the cutting has the necessary water available for a longer period of time, even if the supply would stagnate or even stop. This again creates a stable humidity level, better and easier to manage and less sensitive to user errors or errors of the watering system. 5) Improved manageability of the crop in order to be able to develop a stronger and better yield generating plant: By way of the water, EC and pH buffering properties of the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ®, the plant can be generatively controlled better. This can increase the quality of the plant or if desired delay the time of re-potting. By watering the plant a bit later, or by watering it sparingly the plant will respond with a reduced growth. The dry matter content of the plant will thus increase. This way the plant will become stronger and will be able to gĀ§enerate more flowers. When using rock wool, this manageability is significantly less and much more difficult because a reduced water supply has a direct influence on the moisture level but also results in different pH and EC values. 6) Basic fertilizer for the first 2-3 weeks: Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® are equipped with a soft basic fertilizer for the vulnerable first 2-3 weeks. After this period the user needs to take care of fertilization. The user is also able to add fertilizer right from the start. The method of adding fertilizer is no different than when using rockwool or potting soil, but the plug is going to deal with it in a different way. Because of the buffer of the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ®, the possibility of making a mistake in the fertilization is much smaller than when using Rockwool or potting soil. This user friendliness often results in faster rooting and better growth. 7) Compatibility with Rockwool or any other medium: Because of the composition and structure of the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® they can easily be placed in Rockwool slaps and/or blocks or any other medium. The roots will continue to grow from the plugs into the Rockwool without any adjustment problems, while even maintaining the correct water balance. 8) Supplied dried or moistened: Standard the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® are being supplied dried, as for retail purposes this is a clean and lighweight packaging with zero risk on molds. Re-moistening is easy and amazingly fast, retaining all of the original characteristics. On customer demand the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® can also be supplied with a ready-to-use wetness, as we do to the professional horticulture. 9) Stabilized Eazy PlugĀ® : Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® will always remain firmly ā€gluedā€¯ together as a whole, which minimizes the risks of root damage and plant diseases and ensures a continuing smooth ā€uptakeā€¯ during the sorting and transplantation of the plants. Even if there are not yet roots. 10) In case of dehydration the Eazy PlugĀ®/BlockĀ® easily take water back up: Even if the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® have been preserved for a long time and are completely dried out, they easily and directly take water back up amazingly fast. All original features will remain intact. 11) Compostable: The Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® is compostable as a whole. This way the Eazy PlugĀ®/Eazy BlockĀ® is easy to get rid of and can even be used as a soil improver.

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