growSYSTEM Aeroponic 1.0- Extension-Set

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growDECK Aeroponic 1.0 Extension Set
Flood table lid for up to 24 plants. Together with the growTABLE square 1.0 flood table, the growDECK Aeroponic Extension Set forms the basic equipment of a system for aeroponic irrigation for square grow tents with a minimum area of ​​100 x 100 cm.
24 planting holes, each Ø 55 mm - for grid pot + neoprene ring
Integrated pipe system LD-PE Ø 16 mm
16 spray nozzles 90 liters / h 360 °
Pumping system:
GrowPUMP HX-8840 suction pump
In-line filter
Connection for growDECK water pipe
Flood table connection:
Drain & overflow for flood table with drain hoses
Inlet connector for the water pipe in the growDECK
Technical details:
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 98 x 98 x 5 cm
Suitable for: growTABLE 1.0
Maximum number of plants: 24
Weight: 7 kg

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