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The growSYSTEM AIR-POT 0.8 from growTOOL is a perfectly thought-out irrigation system, which can be operated with earth substrates as well as with hydro substrates such as coconut, rock wool or expanded clay. The growSYSTEM AIR-POT 0.8 is perfect for getting started with hydroponics, but is also suitable for professional classic plant cultivation on soil.
Equipped with 8 x 3 liter AIR-POTs, that are perfect for root formation and nutrient uptake, the growSYSTEM AIR-POT 0.8 offers space for up to 8 plants.
The flood table 0.8 from growTool ensures fast drainage thanks to the deep drainage sill that is quickly reached through the optimized surface grid and the recesses, thus preventing waterlogging.
The flood table fits exactly into a grow tent 80x80cm. The flood table is provided with round recesses at the corners so that the struts of the tent have space on the 4 outer edges. 
The growTANK 40 liter storage tank with pump is located under the growRACK to save space. From here, the nutrient solution is reliably distributed upwards.
The water pipe runs vertically through the growTABLE 0.8 upwards.
Once on top of the flood table, the irrigation is distributed through 2 "water spiders" with 4 connecting 1m long flexible hoses each.
These have a total of 8 dropper rods at the ends, which are inserted into the substrate in the AIR-POTs and there release nutrient solution in a controlled manner.
The flat-lying filter system screwed directly onto the pump guarantees simple and efficient cleaning of the nutrient solution. The filtering of suspended matter prevents the dropper from failing.
Cleaning and changing the filter is very easy and can be done by the user himself.
Advantages of the growSYSTEM AIR-POT 0.8:
  • Versatile, whether as a drip irrigation or ebb and flow system
  • Optimal growth conditions with minimal effort
  • Vital, powerful and healthy plants, better air supply to the roots
growSYSTEM AIR-POT 0.8 consists of:
  • growTABLE square 0.8
  • growRACK 0.8
  • 8x Superoot AIR-POT 3L
  • Irrigation circuit with 2 water spiders inc 8 droppers
  • Outlet and inlet set for flood table
  • Filter system
  • growPUMP nutrient HX-8808
  • OPTIONAL growTANK nutrient 40 liters (HYDRO)

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