growTABLE square 0.8

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growTABLE square 0.8
The in-house watering tub or flood table with diagonal drainage channels and high tub rim.
In the format 78 x 78 x 9 cm + 4 cm deep drainage basin.
Fits in all square grow tents with a footprint of at least 80 x 80 cm.
The growTABLE 0.8 is also very frequently ordered in combination with the growRACK 0.8, because this combination makes a perfect and complete growtable.

TABLE ADVANTAGES - Our in-house growTABLE flood table has a simple, square format in 3 different sizes 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2. It fits in almost every grow tent, in every indoor box and in every grow cabinet.
The growTABLE has a deep drainage basin with the possibility of connections for the water inlet and outlet.
The flood table is available for individual sale as a closed tub without drainage openings. The drain basin has 3 pre-machined punchings for the possibility of later connection. The customer can create the predefined openings themselves as required.
DRAIN - The drainage ducts consist of screw connections with Ø 19 mm outlet at the ends. Then be from the bottom drain tubes pushed through the water from the flood table in the nutrient tank flows back or is collected as a backwater in a separate tank under the rack.
Above the flood table, in the openings of the screw connections, plug-in pipes are inserted as a drain and safety overflow.
INLET - The inlet connector ensures a tight lead- through of LD-PE pipe Ø 16 mm through the flood table.
FLOOD TABLE AND BASE - The growTABLE flood tables were matched to the respective growRACK of the same format series (80 x 80 cm / 100 x 100 cm / 120 x 120 cm).
Perfect support of the flood tables on the carrier systems without slipping sideways.
TABLE IN THE GROW TENT - So that the flood tables fit ideally in the corners of the grow tents, all four corners of the growTABLE have recesses that can accommodate the tent poles.

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