growTOOL Automatic- Watering-Extension-Set 1.0 without Tank

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Automatic Watering Extension Set 1.0
Green-Line-System 1.0 - Basic set for automatic plant irrigation for grow tents 100 x 100 cm.
Optional use of different substrates and containers for 12 to 16 plants.
Set equipment is limited to the essentials:
- Watering circulation system with watering spider
- Outlet and inlet set for flood table
- Pump filter system
- growPUMP nutrient HX-8808
Modular system expansion with individual growTOOL products from the 1.0 format series is possible.
With the growTOOL Automatic Watering Extension Set, for example, an existing ebb / flow system that is already being used with a growTABLE can be ideally converted into a hydroponic system. The set can also be used for normal flood tables in the appropriate size.

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