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The growWATER Timer watering timer is used for the interval-controlled activation of a pump for watering plants. This timer is ideal for time-controlled ebb & flow systems as well as normal drip irrigation systems or NFT systems. The pulse time and the interval time can be set individually for day and night watering. 
The device comes complete in a waterproof housing with a hinged cover, compatible sockets and a built-in light sensor with a 4m low-voltage cable that detects the day / night time. Thus the growWATER Timer is the ideal pump irrigation control for hydroponic and aeroponic systems.
Integration into the irrigation cycle of hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems in a grow tent.
Technical details:
Housing dimensions: 130x80x70mm
Irrigation timer: 145x100x90mm
Maximum power: 1800W Fused
Normal: 8 amps
Fused inductive: 3 amps
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50Hz Protection
Class: IP44

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