Guanokalong Organics Bloom

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Guanokalong Organics Bloom

This liquid vegan super fertiliser provides astonishing bloom using 100% organic means.
GK-Organics® Bloom only contains nitrogen and potassium. Together with Guanokalong® Powder, it enhances the flavour, quality and yield of the end product.
  • Fast action enables targeted plant growth adjustments.
  • Extra stimulation and prolonged effect on microbial life in the soil.
  • For both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Abundant bloom.
  • Easy on the roots due to low salt index.
  • 100% vegan.
For both indoor and outdoor use.
Always shake the bottle thoroughly before use!
Simply add GK-Organics® Bloom to the feed water during the flowering phase.
Dosage: add 1 to 2 ml GK-Organics® Bloom per litre of water with every watering. 3 to 4 ml GK-Organics® Bloom per litre of water with every weekly watering.
Towards the end of the growing period, gradually decrease the dosage to zero.
  • Based on sugar molasses, does not contain guano and phosphorus.
  • NPK 2.5-0-6 in brown liquid form.

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