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ClonFix by Hesi is a gel used to help root cuttings. It contains hormones that entice roots out of your cuttings’ stem. It can be used with any medium; soil, rockwool or jiffy.


Dosage and how to use ClonFix by Hesi:

  • Before starting, pour a little amount of gel into a small container; enough to fit about 1cm of your plants’ stems into them.
  • Make your cuttings and prepare them quickly in order to dip them as soon as possible and avoid them being exposed to the air for too long.
  • Once they’ve been dipped and have a thin layer of ClonFix, place them in your chosen rooting medium.
  • Place your clones in a closed-vent propagator and keep the temperature over 24C and RH at 90%.
  • Three days later, open the vents ever so slightly to lower the humidity to 70%.
  • Once your clones begin growing again, you can transplant them to your preferred growing medium. Make sure your clones’ substrate is never dry, although it shouldn’t be soaking either.

Amounts: 50, 100 mL

Bottle sizes:
50 mL 150 x 120 x 90 mm  
100 mL 180 x 135 x 102 mm

Total weight:
50ml 0.072 Kg
100ml 0.118 Kg


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