HOMEbox Ambient Q120+

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HOMEbox Ambient Q120 +
Amazingly effective at 2.20 meters
The HOMEbox® Ambient Q120 + is the favorite piece of the particularly hard-working gardener, because it can be used for all growth phases of the plant cycle; Most often this grow box is used for flower cultivation with a high pressure sodium lamp. It's hard to believe, but this extremely effective grow box can hold up to 36 young plants!
What can be produced with a 600 W HID plant light in a HOMEbox® Ambient Q120 is simply unbelievable. Plants can develop faster and produce more flowers and fruits because the PAR + lining gives the plant more usable light. The quality and quantity of the harvest is remarkable due to the lower heat development, and it does not even take up 1.44 m2 of floor space!
Assembled size: 120 x 120 x 220 cm
Grow space: 1.44 m2
Maximum Capacity: 75 kg
High-tech German design and engineering
Stepless, barrier-free access possible
Robust, impenetrable and dirt-repellent materials for a long service life
Resistant outer material
Removable, waterproof floor element second floor element, which is firmly connected to the tent with an all-round zip
Inlet and outlet tubes:
  • + 100 mm: 1 x back, 1x left, 1 x right side
  • + 160 mm: 1 x back, 1 x left side
  • + 200 mm: 1 x left, 1 x right side
  • + 250 mm: 1 x roof
OmniFlow-Airvent: 2 x Ø 250 mm (right and left)
MicroMesh insect screen with a mesh size of 700 micrometers
Optimally reflective PAR + inner coating for faster growth and better yields
Generous side windows on the right and left - individual intervention and uncomplicated maintenance possible
Super stable frame linkage (Ø 22 mm) - reinforced, precisely machined connectors made of plastic
Total blackout zippers - lightproof zippers without cover flaps with Velcro
Once closed, the unit is completely sealed and opaque

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