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Hydroliq Green Ready-to-use (RTU) is a non-toxic solution for the elimination of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and all other types of germs. Hydroliq Green RTU is a ready-to-use mixture. Hydroliq Green RTU consists of Hydroliq Pure Water and Hydroliq Green Concentrate.
Hydroliq Grow sets new standards in the production of pure cannabis products. Without adding harmful toxins, Hydroliq Green efficiently disinfects hemp plants and cultivation equipment (tested according to DIN EN1276 & 13704). Hydroliq Green enables the user to achieve a new level of quality and hygiene.

Without poison and without consequential damage to humans, animals and the environment.

The revolutionary mode of action of Hydroliq Green is based on a stable electrical voltage in the water. This increased voltage (redox potential) causes microorganisms to oxidize on contact within seconds. Even multi-resistant germs are eliminated. No protective measures are required during application.

With Hydroliq Green you keep your plants and their environment clean and germ-free. The reduction of bacterial stress factors strengthens the plant's energy balance. The energy gained is now available to the plant for growth, flowering, terpene and resin production. Even in the advanced flowering stage, crop failures can efficiently be prevented. Hydroliq Green can be used without limitations, from seed to flower drying in all growing media. No toxic residues remain.

Disinfection in perfection

Efficient within seconds, confirmed according to DIN EN 1276 and 13704
No toxics or synthetic additives
Harmless to humans, animals and the environment
Suitable for all growing media
Can be used from seed to flower drying
No toxic residues
No protective measures required
Long-lasting stable effect
Even multi-resistant germs are eliminated
Disease-related crop failures are minimized
Regular use strengthens the plant's energy balance (the strengthened energy balance supports growth, flowering, resin and terpene production)
Dermatologically tested: "VERY GOOD"
Highest purity through our "ready-to-use", produced with our fully decontaminated drinking water "Pure Water"
Compatible with sprayers and foggers

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