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Method Seven ’’LEDFx Clip-On’’ changes the way you see your plants and grow room using your own prescription glasses! Our Aviator style clip-on has spring-loaded rubber-coated metal clips that gently hold to your eyewear. This Aviator style fits over a wide variety of larger lenses. For smaller or less shaped lenses look at ’’The Classic’’ Clip-on. Manufactured in Italy to our exacting standards by Carl Zeiss Vision. For use under full-spectrum LED lighting. (See HPS Clip-on models for HPS lighting).

Full Spectrum LED lights produce very bright, white light. The technology is new, exciting and promising. The light may appear to be “normal white” but often contains high energy in the blue spectrum, and some manufacturers are experimenting with UV and infrared. Color balance is subtle, but protection is extremely important. Hence the debut of the LEDfx lens. Designed to protect you from the high energy spectrums, UV, and infrared.

Lens Technology
Method Seven delivers the LEDFx, a scientific formulation for comfort, visual acuity, safety, and performance. The world’s first organic lens to block significant infrared heat energy, which keeps your eyes cool and moist. This is a polycarbonate lightweight lens. The LEDfx lens was designed and developed by Method Seven with over two years of research in collaboration with engineers, optical physicists, ophthalmologists and manufacturing at Carl Zeiss Vision. The lens is perfect for Full Spectrum LED and is also great for urban life outside the grow.

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