ONA Spray Card Fresh Linen 12 ml

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The ultra portable ONA Spray Card is small, thin and fits easily into your pocket or handbag, allowing you to have protection from unwanted odours while on the move.
ONA Spray Card contains 12ml of ONA Odour Neutraliser and is available to buy in Fresh Linen and Apple Crumble fragrances.
Odour Neutraliser
ONA is a non toxic and environmentally friendly odour neutraliser that will permanently remove bad smells from the air. It is perfect for eliminating the problematic odours that can occur in your home, car or workplace. ONA is safe to use around people and pets.
How to use
Simply spray ONA into the air as required to remove unwanted odours. ONA’s industrial strength, essential oil formula will remove bad smells naturally, safely and permanently. Guaranteed!

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