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The OSRAM PLANTASTAR has been developed to meet the requirements greenery´s make these sources of light. Illuminating vegetation cannot be compared to the lighting of, for example, a highroad. With the introduction of the high pressure sodium light PLANTASTAR, OSRAM has a light source that meets all requirements for a good assimilation lighting.
- Low cost of maintenance by low failure of the lamp
- Extremely constant liuminous flux during th first 10.000 burning-hours. After this time or every two years it is advisable to exchange the lamps.
- Solid, high impact construction. leading to few breakage
- No moving start-antenna, so no chance of dispatching parts
- Wattage: 400W
- Cap/Base: E40
- Lamp voltage [V]: 100V
- Colour temperat. [K]: 2000K
- Lamp current [A]: 4.5 A
- Luminous efficacy [lm/W]: 138 lm/W
- Luminous flux [lm]: 55.000 lm

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