Prima Klima EURO Reflector anodised Aluminium 86% Reflection. Length 420mm. with E40 lampholder

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The inexpensive and efficient Prima Klima Euro reflector, with 9-fold canted reflector plate and continuous steel angle with suspension rings, can be delivered preassembled on request. A high-quality E40 ceramic lamp holder, a professional cable gland and earthing cable lug round off the reflector. The Euro reflector is suitable for HPS and MH bulbs from 250 up to 1000 watts, and is available in 2 different sizes: the L420 reflector plate with a surface of 420mm x 470mm, and the large L470 reflector plate which measures 470mm x 500mm.

Anodised Aluminium - 86% Reflection after patterning process

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